Yamaha A3000 (1 gb hd) sælges

En super fed sampler som jeg desværre ikke rigtig har brug for mere. Jeg købte den oprindeligt til live jobs (kombineret med min spd20) da hardware sampler, efter min mening, er mere stable og iøvrigt også ser ret fede ud på scenen. Jeg har dog imidlertidigt købt en spds som har hele pakken i forhold til det som jeg skulle bruge den til. Sampleren har 1 giga hd indbygget og er i bud og grund en rigtig fed sampler.

Pris: 1500,-
eller evt. bytte med andet vintage gear


I nedenstående en beskrivelse fra en begejstret bruger – han har fået det hele med

This sampler kicks ass!

It has a very good sound-quality, 64 voices, standard 4 outputs, standard SCSI-interface, can handle 128 MB ram with standard simms… I esepcially like the filters (lowpass 12/24dB with resonance, highpass 12/24dB with resonance, bandpass and bandeliminate). All samples have their own (very strong, good sounding) filter (with gain to overdrive the filterinput) and 1band EQ. The effect-section also is very good, with 3 independand effect-units each with 54 effects (chorus, reverbs, echo’s, overdrives, flangers, distortions, wahwah’s etc.). Can be used serial or parallel. All parameters of effects can be changed. Very flexible modulation-matrixes, you can control lot’s of parameters (cut-off, resonance, envelopes, loop-points, panning etc.etc. even effect-parameters) in realtime with MIDI-controllers or the realtime-controlknobs. You can resample sounds through the effects to save effect-units. The A3000 can also be used as an independand multieffect-unit, because the audio-input can be routed directly through the effect-section. Has lo-fi (5 /11/22 KHz) sample-settings for raw sounds. Realtime beat/pitch-change function for realtime time-stretching/pitch-changing! And it is so cheap for what it offers, there is no competition at this moment. Only problem with current OS (1.10a) is a timing-bug: if the A3000 receives lots of MIDI- and controller-data it’s MIDI-buffer will overflow. Never had this in my music-making practice though… Has very fast envelope-generators for real kicking basses and drumsounds. Nice is the expand-setting, which makes a mono-sample into a wide fat pseudo-stereo sample. 4 band EQ for the stereo-out. It really is a synth/sampler because it also has some basic waveforms in memory when you start up (sine, square, pulse, triangle etc.) I definately like it!


Yamaha A-3000 Specifications

Type: Synth/ Sampler/ module/
Synthesis Type: Digital Accoustic simulation AWM2
Max: 64
Typical in use: 32
Multi-timbral (number of parts): 16
Oscillators per Voice :
Min : 1
Max : 64
Controllers : ?
Effects :
Number of FX units : 3
Number of different effects : 54
Keyboard :
Number of Keys :
Can send on 1 simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to : velocity, after-touch
Sounds can be split by : velocity, keyboard
Memory :
Patches : 999
Performances : 128
Inputs and Outputs :
Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 4
Number of Audio Ins : 2
Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
Number of MIDI Ins : 1


Behringer Composer MDX 2100 dual compressor limiter sælges

Endnu en enhed som jeg ikke har haft tid til at lære at kende.

Kom med et bud kontant eller som bytte.
Primært interesseret i vintage synths

This is a Behringer Composer MDX 2100 in excellent condition. The unit is in great condition, just light normal marks from being racked. This is an amazing dual compressor/limiter. it works perfectly and sounds great.